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In-depth analysis of the project- and investment market

New: EDC Erhverv introduces a brand-new analysis product called CityFact. CityFact takes an in-depth look at relevant property data from some of the largest towns and cities in Denmark. It provides comprehensive area-specific information about a particular town or city, and compiles market data for the various property segments, including data on vacancies, market rent levels, yield requirements, development areas, construction activity etc.

Get a taste of some of the areas you can learn about with CityFact. This time you can read, amongst other things, an in-depth analysis of high net outflow amongst families with children in the largest municipalities. This is not a new trend, but a trend that has intensified in recent years due to the corona pandemic and the problem of solving the housing demand in the largest cities. But where do families with children move to? This is of great importance for demand, but also for where the investment opportunities are greatest for investors.

EDC Project is working on full speed. The project department is busy like never before, where they have the largest number of projects ever, and the pipeline is well stocked up with even more exciting projects.

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